Young Red Maple

Young Red Maple

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While revisiting Bernheim Forest in Kentucky, the director was kind enough to once again give me the “keys to the kingdom”—the keys to all the back roads within the depths of the forest itself, where very few people are allowed.

In the light rain, my wife, Ruth, and I came around a corner and were astounded by the appearance of this tree. While I set-up the camera and photographed the tree from a different viewpoint, Ruth continued her observations. After I was done, she showed me this viewpoint, which proved to provide a more worthwhile image.

With the juxtaposition of the reds and blue-greens intensifies the brilliance of the colors and helps provide a sense of depth, and the solid, dark framework of the trunk provides a sense of movement of energy within the image. The photograph is a reminder to me of the wonder from the overflowing fullness of life.

Format: Large (vertical)
Location: Kentucky
Reference key: yrm