Wild Pink Roses

Wild Pink Roses

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One rainy spring day, the light was beautiful, the wind was calm, and after being cooped up inside for many weeks, I went out to see what there might be to photograph. Way out in the countryside, I came upon this large, old rose bush. Probably planted by an early pioneer many years ago, it had grown to be about ten feet tall, thriving and covered with blossoms. The home which had once been nearby was gone, the occupants having moved on to greener pastures.

To me, this image has much to do with representing that which is essential about life and love.

There are moments when we can see in the world before us signs and symbols of greater things—hints of Heaven and of God’s grace around us. This is why I photograph and what I hope to show, even in a small and imperfect way. These things are real, they do exist and if we could see clearly, we would see them around us at every moment and at all times.

Amid the brush and interspersed with occasional scattered thorns, scattered among the branches of life’s experiences are found beautiful, jewel like blossoms. Delicate, each one unique, their fragrance brings meaning and joy to all of life. Blessed with gentle life-giving raindrops from above, they are covered with a radiant dusting of sparkles.

Seen as a whole, one cannot say which blossom is more beautiful—each one is unique and perfect, even with it’s worldly imperfections. The complete cycle of blooming is visible, from tiny bud to those just beginning to open, onward until fully opened in celebration and glory.

Then each petal starts to soften and fade, gently falling one by one, until all that remains is the central core, a radiant sunburst—a joyous star with a golden crown, much as the memories and experience of love continually live as blessings within us all.

Long after the earthly fragrance has passed, these experiences fill our hearts and nourish our souls, like a reflection of the fire and incense burning before the throne of God Himself—symbols of the fragrance and the flame of Divine Love.

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Location: Oregon
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