Waterfall, Keystone Canyon

Waterfall, Keystone Canyon

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While traveling and photographing throughout Alaska, I came to the region just north of Valdez. This area is filled with rugged, snowcapped mountains and is the location of Keystone Canyon. The canyon is extremely narrow with high, rocky cliffs bounded by numerous waterfalls on both sides.

This is the only waterfall I have ever photogaphed with the 8x10 camera. I usually have difficulty when attempting to photograph waterfalls in finding a cohesive composition which conveys more than simply the movement of the water or the scene in general. To me, there always needs to be more—a sense of depth and mystery, and a sense of the sacredness present in the world around us.

To me, this image is more about the spiritual than the physical, and conveys to me subtle and uplifting feelings of the world of Angels and light!

Format: Large (vertical)
Location: Alaska
Reference key: wkc