Teton Sunrise

Teton Sunrise

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While traveling home to Oregon after an autumn photo trip to the east coast, we spent the night in Ogdan. It was a cold night in early November and we stopped at a motel for the night. As usual, I turned on the Weather Channel to see what the forecast was for the coming few days. As it turned out, they were predicting a big snowstorm to hit the area north of us and continuing into Wyoming. Fresh snow in the Teton mountains was hard to resist.

So we set our alarm clocks and woke up at 2am. We loaded up the vehicle, which had four wheel drive but just regular tires, and headed off to Wyoming. The goal was to beat the snowstorm but halfway there we discovered that the storm was moving faster than expected and so I had to drive several hours through the mountains in near blizzard conditions.

But the trip was worth it, as we arrived in Jackson Valley around daybreak, with about two feet of fresh snow on the ground. The storm had cleared and the temperature had dropped to about minus 10 degrees. As the sunrise broke upon the top of the Grand Teton Mountain, I was able to take this one exposure. Since the air was so clear and cold, it’s extremely sharp even for 8x10” film. While the view is one that is often photographed, I felt that the clouds and sunrise light made it unique enough to make the exposure.

For me, the photograph brings a remembrance of the humbling majesty, power and glory of all of creation.

Format: Large (horizontal)
Location: Wyoming
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