Sunrise, Wild Reeds and Waterlilies

Sunrise, Wild Reeds and Waterlilies

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In 1987, Ruth and I spent over a month in Newfoundland as part of our six month trip photographing around the United States and Canada. Newfoundland was an exceptionally wild and beautiful place, and the people were genuinely helpful and cordial. The air is very clean, with lots of wild birds, and the landscape is generally untouched and untrammeled by man.

One main difficulty about photographing there is the constant wind. The island is flat and even when the wind is completely calm at night, by daybreak there is a stiff wind which rises during the day to a very brisk breeze (or more!) throughout the day. This makes it difficult to photograph with an 8”x 10” camera.

This photograph was taken in the interior of Newfoundland and is a detail of a wild rocky tundra pool. It was very early in the morning in late September and the sun was just beginning to rise. There was almost no wind at this time and it seemed as though the reeds and waterlilies were floating with the clouds, as the pink colors of the sky mingled with the pastel blue water.

For me, the image conveys a soft, delicate feminine quality of peace and life.

Format: Large (horizontal)
Location: Newfoundland
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