Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

20×20 prints are $1,500
30×30 prints are $3,000

This image utilizes the astonishing resolution of the Zeiss 300mm Tele-superachromat lens, which is the sharpest lens ever made for a medium format camera. Once again, the fine details which are resolved in the print become important elements of the composition. The detail of the wind on the waves, the finely resolved specular reflections, and the micro resolution of the texture of the water’s surface all combine to give a heightened sense of reality.

The subtle colors of the actual print, which cannot be conveyed in a reproduction, provide a peaceful backdrop to the active elements of the wind and waves. For me, the image provides a refreshing reminder of the times I’ve spent hours at the ocean coast, feeling the wind on my face, smelling the sweet salt air and hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean breakers.

Format: Medium (square)
Location: Oregon
Reference key: sbz