Scrolling Grasses, Texas

Scrolling Grasses, Texas

20×24 prints are $1,500
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Central Texas is dry. And yet, in the morning I saw that the delicate spider webs in the native grasses had captured moisture during the night while the grasses stayed almost completely dry. Ruth says this photograph reminds her of “Gideon’s Fleece,” which collected dew overnight. Intriguing thought!

In studying the native plant life of this area, I fell in love with the swirls and curls in the grasses, as well as the wide variety of colors present throughout the miniature scene. It has its own, unique wild beauty.

While this image looks fine as a 20x24” print, the 30x40” print brings out the abstract nature of the composition even more. It’s remarkably similar to some well known modern paintings.

As I contemplate the image, I’m drawn to the lyrical delicacy of the shapes and colors of the grassy field, which is in sharp contrast to the harsh growing conditions by which it’s formed. It reminds me that beauty, grace and a delicate sensibility can be formed within us despite (and perhaps because of) the hard circumstances which shape our lives.

Format: Large (horizontal)
Location: Texas
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