Clearwater River Ripples

Clearwater River Ripples

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In 1994 Ruth and I begin our photo trip in the fall by first going to Glacier National Park in Montana. On our way there we passed through Idaho and traveled along the Clearwater River. At one point we stopped at around noon and I became mesmerized by the light playing on the extremely clear water in the river.

The colorful reflections of the trees, sky and stream bank mingled with the stones beneath the water in a fascinating interplay of light, shapes and patterns. Using the Superachromat lens on my Hasselblad, I made this one exposure.

Not realizing that this image had great potential, it languished in my darkroom for ten years with film from many other photographic trips until I was looking to find a few more images to include in my Resplendent Light book. As soon as I began to make a Cibachrome print of this image I realized it was going to exceed my expectations in every way. It requires great finesse in printing to allow the image to express its maximum potential through a luminous Cibachrome print.

To me, the final exhibition prints convey much of that vibrant, shimmering light which I saw and experienced many years ago. At times the image can appear to somehow mysteriously convey a palpable, exuberant feeling of the joy and light which fills all of creation.

Format: Medium (square)
Location: Idaho
Reference key: crr