Cheerful Aspens

Cheerful Aspens

20×20 prints are $1,500
30×30 prints are $3,000

Ruth and I went on our cross country photo trip in 2006, leaving at the end of September and coming come at the end of October. We traveled a total of 9,500 miles in our camper van. As it turned out, that year the autumn colors were sparse almost everywhere we went and yet we were able to end up with 17 images from that trip which I made into successful Cibachrome prints.

This photograph was made on the third day of our trip, in the Grand Mesa area of Colorado. What caught my eye was this group of bright yellow and gold aspens situated in front of dark green aspens. It was a bright sunny early afternoon with the sun back lighting the scene and with lots of fill light coming in from trees behind me.

I used my 250mm Superachromat lens on my Hasselblad with Velvia 50 film. The transparency sat in my darkroom for 11 years until I printed it in 2017. The Cibachrome prints have a great deal of depth and dimensionality and convey the feeling I had when we were there on that warm autumn afternoon.

Format: Medium (square)
Location: Colorado
Reference key: ca