Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove

20×24 prints are $6,000
30×40 prints are $12,000

While traveling through the high mountains of Colorado in the fall of 1993, I encountered this grove of aspens at twilight. The grove is situated on the top of a high mountain pass, at the 9,000 foot elevation.

These trees are literally on the top of the ridge, so that the soft, colored light of evening causes the trunks to glow from all sides. At this time of day, with the sun just over the horizon, the air oftentimes becomes quite still, as if nature is holding her breath–in sharp contrast to the rest of the day, when strong breezes rush over the mountain tops, causing the leaves to constantly rustle and shimmer.

During these times, an almost palpable calm and peace fills the air, as all of nature seems to glow with the final embers of the day. This glorious, radiant light and peace lasts but for a moment, before fading to the deep blues and somber greys of night.

Working rapidly, I focused the image on the ground glass in the fading light and had time for only one exposure. Because of the low light levels, it was necessary to give the film about 90 seconds of exposure.

In making the print, I strive to preserve the delicate feelings of calm peace and which conveys that soft, luminous radiance.

Format: Large (horizontal)
Location: Colorado
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