Double Matted Prints

We recommend Christopher’s prints be double matted for the best possible presentation. The double mat serves two purposes. Not only does the framed print look better, but the double mat prevents the delicate print surface from possible contact with the glazing material, which could result in damage to the print. This does not happen often but we have seen it occasionally, especially in high humidity areas.

We use an 8-ply Rising 100% rag board in the Antique White color (the same color as the regular undermat). We charge $100.00 for any 30x40” or 30x30” print or $50.00 for any 20x24” or 20x20” print. 40x50” and 40x40” prints are already supplied with a double mat.

Please contact us (or have your gallery contact us) if you have a need for this service.